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A well-behaved woman, a novel of the Vanderbilts, Therese Anne Fowler - paperback

Alva Smith comes from a family with a good name and great debt after the Civil War. Then she meets William Vanderbilt, a self-made man who finds himself shunned by the old-money doyennes who control access to the city's social and political scene. Together, Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt begin to shake up the establishment and carve out a brand-new world for themselves. But as Alva will discover, a life of wealth, status, and privilege is not itself a recipe for happiness. Facing an unimaginable betrayal, Alva must transcend societal expectations, prove her worth, and become the woman she is meant to be--at all costs. Set in Manhattan, Newport, and Paris, and filled with glittering period detail and legendary characters, A Well-Behaved Woman is a sweeping, extraordinary novel about a bygone American era--Back cover
Literary Form
First St. Martin's Griffin edition.
Physical Description
549 pages, genealogical table, 21 cm

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