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Origami with dollar bills, another way to impress people with your money, by Duy Nguyen

Presents instruction for fifteen origami items which can be done using a dollar bill, including such projects as an eagle, sea lion, vampire bat, Jedi, and Klingon, Bird of Prey. Hey, big spender, pull out that bill and fold it. Duy Nguyen, the popular author of Dinosaur Origami and many other books, presents a creative new way to make the most of your money. Why spend your bucks buying origami paper, when the money itself can be the paper? It adds a unique twist to traditional origami projects, plus you don't have to look any further than your wallet to find crafting materials. The clever projects, which range from a Jedi to a horseshoe crab, an American Eagle to an Oriental dragon, are absolutely fantastic. Some use a single dollar, while others need two or three bills and demand a little more skill, but with practice, patience, and Duy Nguyen's detailed illustrations of every fold, you will undoubtedly master all the techniques. For a little extra fun, amazing facts about U.S. currency appear throughout, such as how many times you can fold a dollar bill before it will tear, but don't worry, these projects will keep your money intact
Table Of Contents
Basic folds -- One dollar objects -- Two dollar objects -- Three dollar objects
Literary Form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical Description
80 pages, color illustrations, 21 x 12 cm

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