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Frankenstein takes the cake, by Adam Rex - reinforced

Frankenstein wants to marry his undead bride in peace, but his best man, Dracula, is freaking out about the garlic bread, and the Headless Horseman wishes everyone would stop drooling over his pumpkin head
Table Of Contents
The mother-in-law of Frankenstein makes wedding plans -- Please stop staring at my delicious head -- The sphinx ain't all that -- yeah, you heard me -- An Edgar Allan poem -- Special advertising section -- New glasses -- Real original jerks -- Edgar Allan Poe should be writing or sleeping, not doing a crossword puzzle -- Kaiju Haiku -- E.T.-mail -- Maybe it's time I changed this pumpkin -- No one comes to Skull Island anymore -- Folloween -- Dracula jr. wants a big-boy coffin -- The Frankenstein wedding suite -- The caterer of Frankenstein makes an announcement -- The flower girl of Frankenstein makes a scene -- The bride of Frankenstein wrote her own vows -- The best man of Frankenstein makes a trip to the buffet -- Edgar Allan Poe hears sweet music like the dulcet tones of angels or whatever
Literary Form
1st ed.
Cover title
Physical Description
39 pages, illustrations (chiefly color), 26 x 29 cm

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